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Women Golfers

By integrating golf’s essential fundamentals with the expertise of your coach, you can significantly improve your golf skills. - Miller Golf Coaching - Bob & Lisanne Miller


Miller Golf Coaching is a unique golf coaching business that focuses on helping players of all levels to reach their full potential. From beginner to advanced, our experienced coaches provide personalized instruction and feedback tailored to each individual’s goals. We offer private instruction, group lessons, clinics, and even online coaching. Our staff is dedicated to helping each player improve their game and reach their goals. We strive to make learning and playing golf an enjoyable and rewarding experience. With our team of coaches, you’ll get the personalized instruction you need to improve your golf game. 

 We offer several different golf programs throughout the golf season. Our clinics are extremely popular as we provide a small-group atmosphere for a more personalized approach. Our private lessons and coaching sessions are very personalized and will help you build your very own game-improvement plan.


Let us help you choose the lesson plan that works best for you based on your goals in golf, time, and budget. Email us anytime at  or call 508 942 0133.

Bob Miller, PGA & Lisanne Miller, LPGA

Programs for 2023
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