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The Difference Between A Lesson and Coaching

A golf lesson is more of a one-time event where a golfer receives instruction of a specific aspect of their game, usually lasting between 30 minutes to an hour. The lesson is typically given by a PGA or LPGA Golf Professional Instructor and focuses on correcting a particular swing flaw, improving a specific shot or providing general tips on how to play better golf.

On the other hand, a long tern coaching commitment involves a more comprehensive approach to improving a golfer's game. The coach works with the golfer over an extended period of time, usually several months of even years, to help them achieve their golfing goals. The coaching including regular lessons, practice sessions, and on course instruction. The coach works closely with the golfer to identify areas for improvement, develop a personalized training plan and track progress over time.

In summary, while both approaches can be effective in helping a golfer improve their game, a long term coaching commitment is generally more comprehensive and effective for players who are serious about making significant improvements.

Bob Miller, PGA - Miller Golf Coaching

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