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How good a golfer would you like to become?

Getting Started is the First Step in Your Journey to Better Golf!

One to One Coaching Plans

A golf lesson is a one-time session where a golfer receives instruction on a specific aspect of their game, usually lasting between 30 minutes to an hour. A lesson typically focuses on correcting a particular swing flaw or improving a specific shot. Often golfers are looking for the “quick fix” to undo their present habits. Random lessons are not as effective in the long run.

Step Up Your Golf Performance to a New Level with our Long-Term Coaching Plans

A long-term coaching commitment involves a more comprehensive approach to improving a golfer's game. Your coach works with you over an extended period, helping you achieve your golfing goals.  Coaching includes regular lessons, practice sessions, and on-course instruction. The coach works closely with you to identify areas for improvement, develop a personalized training plan, and track your progress over time.

Coaching Plans for Golfers Who Want to Progress


Miller Golf Coaching Plans provide one on one coaching with either LPGA Professional, Lisanne Miller, who is widely recognized as an elite women’s golf coach in golf instruction and fitness.  PGA Professional, Bob Miller has won numerous awards for golf coaching by the NEPGA and ranked as high as #2 golf coach in Massachusetts. Bob has also developed the Core Connect Golf System already helping hundreds of golfers simplify their golf swing.

Each plan gives you a series of golf coaching sessions which is customized to your goals and learning style. Our Coaching is guaranteed to Take Your Game to New Levels. Coaching Plans can be tailored to the full swing or short game or a combination of all aspects of the game.

Miller Golf Coaching has decades of coaching experience. We coach those new to the game, as well as elite playing professionals. We utilize the latest in Coaching Technology:  On Form video analysis, Flight Scope launch monitor data and recently added Sport Box a robotic figure of your swing. By using a variety of swing tools, we want you to “get the feel” of a solid reliable golf swing.


Overall, working with your Miller Golf Coach on a regular basis can provide invaluable guidance, support, and expertise to help you reach your full potential.

Coaching Plans to Help Make You a Well-Rounded Golfer


Bob & Lisanne Miller recommend a one-hour swing assessment that will help you and your coach determine your customized coaching plan. You can book online or 508-942-0133. All sessions are 60 minutes.

A long-term coaching commitment is more comprehensive and effective for players who are serious about making significant improvements.


5 Coaching Sessions

Up to 3 months to complete.


10 Coaching Sessions

Must be completed by the end of October.


All Seasonal Coaching Sessions

One session every week until the end of October. This is a complete game charger plan for the serious golfer who is looking to cut 7 to 10 strokes off their scorecard. Begins when you sign up.


  • (Includes a 60-minute club fitting analysis) $150 value.

  • All coaching plans expire on October 31, 2023, and unused sessions will NOT be carried forward to the following year.

  • Coaching Sessions may be used for all aspects of the game. Short Game or Full Swing Sessions must be two separate hours.

  • Not available in half hour sessions.


Please contact - Bob Miller, PGA at or Lisanne Miller, LPGA at with any questions you may have. Email is usually quicker this time of year. Additionally, call or text us at 598-942-0133.

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