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Welcome to Miller Golf Coaching, where we're dedicated to bringing your golfing dreams to life. Regardless of your skill level – whether you're a seasoned pro, a weekend enthusiast, or a newcomer to the game – we're here to support you in playing your absolute best. With personalized coaching tailored to your unique needs, we're confident that every golfer can reach new heights on the course. Let's work together to make your vision a reality!

Best regards,

Bob Miller, PGA

Lisanne Miller, LPGA

Golf Improvement Programs: A Path to Enhancing Your Game with Miller Golf Coaching
Golf Coaches -  Bob Miller, PGA ~ Lisanne Miller, LPGA

As your golf coach, it's my privilege to assist you in achieving your vision and goals for your game this season. To facilitate your improvement journey, I offer two distinct paths: the One-Time Golf Lesson and the Long- Term Coaching Commitment. Each option is tailored to meet different needs and preferences, ensuring that you receive the guidance necessary to elevate your performance on the course.

One-Time Golf Lesson:

A one-time golf lesson is a focused session designed to address specific aspects of your game. During this

session, you'll receive targeted instruction aimed at correcting swing flaws or enhancing particular shots. While

providing immediate feedback and correction, it's important to note that the effects of a single lesson may not

be long-lasting without continued practice and reinforcement.


  • Immediate feedback and correction.

  • Suitable for addressing immediate issues.

  • Time and cost-effective compared to long-term commitments.

Long-Term Coaching Commitment:

A long-term coaching commitment offers a comprehensive approach to improving your overall game. This

entails ongoing guidance in both full swing and short game areas, including scoring and putting. Through

regular sessions, practice drills, and mental performance training, I'll work closely with you to identify areas

for improvement, develop personalized training plans, and track your progress over time.


  • Consistent guidance and support for sustainable improvement.

  • Comprehensive improvement across all aspects of the game.

  • Personalized training plans and progress tracking.

  • Fosters a strong coach-player relationship built on trust and collaboration.

In Summary:

While a one-time golf lesson provides immediate feedback and correction for specific issues, a long-term coaching commitment offers a more holistic approach to enhancing your overall game. With sustained support, personalized training plans, and progress tracking over time, this option ensures that you experience continuous growth as a player.

We invite you to consider these options carefully and choose the program that aligns best with your goals and aspirations for the season ahead. Whichever path you decide to take, know that we are committed to helping you unlock your full potential on the course.

2024 Coaching Programs by Miller Golf Coaching

Cranberry Valley Golf Course location for 2024

2024 - Private individual sessions - Bob Miller, PGA

$80 per 1/2 hour

$145 per hour

add additional person $25

Juniors under age 17 (45 minutes - $90) 

2024 - Private individual sessions - Lisanne Miller, LPGA

$75 per half hour

$135 per hour

add additional person $25

Juniors under age 17 (45 minutes $90)

Please contact - Bob Miller, PGA at or Lisanne Miller, LPGA at with any questions you may have.  We maybe reached at 508-942-0133 by calling or text.

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