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Miller Golf Teaching & Coaching Philosophy

"Give the golfer an enjoyable process to follow to shoot lower scores on the golf course"

At Miller Golf Coaching, Bob Miller, PGA & Lisanne Miller, LPGA will find the best swing for each of their students. We'll evaluate all parts of your game from the full swing, short game, and putting and our desire is to help you become a better golfer.  (On-course playing evaluation is the best way to begin)

Using our Core Connect Coaching Process, we keep instruction simple. We are careful not to over-teach during a session, so the student leaves each session with the right amount of information. 

We want you to be completely clear about what you are practicing and how to practice. We want you to enjoy a path to playing to your potential as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here are 7 essentials for game improvement and lower scores 

  1. Drive the ball in the fairway off the tee -Discover and practice the fundamentals of the full swing 

  2. Improvement with your scoring clubs-Learn how to be a good wedge player 

  3. Score from 30 yards into the hole-pitching, chipping, and bunker shots from 10 to 30 yards

  4. Putting - Become a great short putter, lag putter, and green reader

  5. Get your clubs fitted to you -Get the right set to make the process easier

  6. Playing the course - Learn course strategies, a positive mindset, and adjusting to the on-course environment

  7. Functional Fitness - Feel your best to do your best, endurance, flexibility, and stamina

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